Contact & Memberships

We are always interested in expanding our numbers but becoming a watery walrusy beast is not for everyone. There are various criteria that new applicants must meat to become a full member but in the mean time we’re always open to company when running, cycling, swimming or in the pie shop.

If your interest has been peaked by the contents of this curious website or by the clothing on the back of a splendid creature speeding by then please get in touch. If you’d like to become a member then please details below.

Contact Us

Use this form to contact the committee.


Membership Policy

To become a full member of the Sexy Walrus Triathlon & Adventure Club, prospective walrus do a few small things as outlined below. The expectation is that you are already known to the Herd and have attended certain races, social events or woodland escapades. We welcome friends and associate members to join in activities and prove their worth until they pluck up the courage to make a stab for full membership.

However from time to time the herd is full and not in the mood for fresh blood.

  1. Fill in the membership form below. This will alert the membership committee that you’re keen, had a taste for the fishy goodness and are after some more. You’ll be firmly on the radar.
  2. You’ll be contacted by a member of the SW committee to go through the answers that you’ve provided, talk about your thoughts on late 19th century European politics and clear up any issues over your private life.
  3. The committee will then speak in a darkened room as to whether you’re to be welcomed into the Herd. If successful you’ll be granted status or ‘Provisional Member.’
  4. You have 30 days to pay the annual membership fee of £30 plus the £20 joining fee in your first year.
  5. Once you’ve paid your fees then you’ll be confirmed as a Full Member and issued with a profile page on the website and with the SW pocket book. Life begins anew.

The perks of becoming a member are:

  • Invitation to the SW training Camp in the Spring.
  • Confirmed entry to the SW Triathlon (Free race entry).
  • Access to the emailing list and Whatsapp group
  • Priority over club kit purchase and discounts when available.
  • Access to Members only club kit.
  • Entry to the SW Annual Championship.
  • An profile on the Herd Page of the website.
  • Your own personal Sexy Walrus Pocket Book containing key club information, blank sheets for recording your season’s race results, poems and a hymn sheet. An item to be treasured.
  • Eligibility for the suite of SW awards to be handed out at the dinner. See the website page here.

If you don’t want to become a full member than you can remain as an associate member. On the edge of the herd, shunned by the dominant creatures and left to feed off the scraps and carcases of fish left by the full members. Associate members can turn up and join in the fun and if they like what they see then they’ll be welcomed deep into the warm bosom of the herd.

Membership Application Form

  • Please write a profile of yourself for the Herd page
  • Please submit your Strava Code - Visit from a pc/mac > click on my profile > then share my rides > you can then copy some code from there into here!